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Director of the CoDE Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

* Technical Skills *

Audio Technology and Engineering - Acoustic analysis, live audio engineering, music recording and production, digital algorithm design, audio electronics. In particular I specialise in the use of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Wavelab audio software. Specialist instruments: guitar, drums, voice.
Digital Signal Processing - Signal analysis and processing skills using advanced mathematics and software tools. Software engineering and algorithm design with Matlab, C/C++, Assembler.
Control System and Model-Based Design - Physiscal system modelling, digital control system design and rapid prototyping with Matlab/Simulink software and ARM, TI, Motorolla and PIC microprocessors.

* Industrial Experience *

Systems Modelling and Digital Control System Design - For Pi Technology (automotive) Ltd, Cambridge, UK (2002-2005).
Digital Signal Processing and Digital Control System Design - For Harpley Engineering Ltd, Kings Lynn, UK (1999-2002).

* Academic Achievements *

PG Certificate - Titled 'Learning and Teaching in Higher Education'. Awarded in 2006 by Anglia Ruskin University.
Doctor of Philosopy Degree - In the field of Digital Signal Analysis. Awarded in 2004 by Anglia Ruskin University.
Batchelor of Engineering Degree (with Honours) - In Mechanical Engineering. Awarded in 1999 by Loughborough University.
A' Levels - In Maths, Physics and Sport Science. Awarded in 1995.




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Dr Rob Toulson, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. CB1 1PT. tel: 01223 363271 email: rob.toulson@anglia.ac.uk