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Director of the CoDE Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

The Pleasurize Music Foundation- I am a member of The Board of Directors for The Pleasurize Music Foundation, CA, USA, who's aim is to enhance awareness, conduct research and promote industry change with respect to over compression and loudness in commercial music. My role is to participate in research to support the claims that the loudness war causes listener fatigue and is detremental to commercial music.

ARM - I have pilotted the new ARM mbed microprocessor platform in my Microprocessor Systems Design course at Anglia Ruskin University. An output of this project will be a jointly published course textbook authored by myslef and ARM.

STV - KTP project (value 128,381) to create efficient engineering methods for the design and development of ultrasonic pest control products. This project is in progress and is currently enhancing STVs new product development process

High Barn - I am working closely with High Barn recording studios and performance venue to develop interactive media based materials for teaching music production and sound engineering in higher education.

AV Niche - A DTI funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has been awarded for collaboration with AV Niche Recording Systems, worth a total value of 122,000. This poroject involves the modernisation and redesign of interview recording systems for use in the criminal justice system.

HERGA Controls - In 2007 a DTI funded KEEP project was awarded for collaboration with Herga Controls to develop a cost effective manufacturing strategy for electronic components (grant value 22,000)

Consultancy Projcts - As well as knowledge transfer projects I have worked on a number of short industrial concultancy projects for companies including Audio Analytic, Gimbalcom and Audiggle.




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Dr Rob Toulson, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. CB1 1PT. tel: 01223 363271 email: rob.toulson@anglia.ac.uk